Asrai Presskit

 In the wild beating musical heart of Rotterdam Asrai started writing their music and  performed on stages, some of them are long gone and forgotten.

Asrai created a totally unique sound, Dutch band Asrai is high respected among gothic fans.  Female lead singer Magriet has a  clear voice and also a lot of energy, easily convincing the crowd
The band members are real veterans, which shows by the incredible virtuoso performance and their ability to entertain the audience at the same time. Margriet addresses her songs not only to the fans in front of her, but she also knows how to reach the people in the back of the hall.
 Asrais performance is an exciting experience. It felt like a thriller and one by one the crowd gets under the spell of this music. and go through of the experiece of the overwhelming power of Asrai.
End of the year Asrai will celebrate their 30th years of existence. And are back again to their roots of a girl band. 


The twin sisters Margriet and Karin Mol are the founders of the Dutch Gothic Rock band Asrai.

Margriet is an extraordinary passionate and expressive singer. Besides Asrai, she participated on several recordings. Karin is the drummer and driving force behind the band.

Manon joined Asrai since 2005 what was on the beginning of breakthrough after releasing Asrai’s single Pale Light which one was often on The Box and MTV.

Jacqui is a wellknown guitarplayer from the UK, she participated on many recordings and makes Asrai complete since 2017.